18 Wheeler AccidentsIf you have been involved in a trucking accident, you might be owed different types of compensation. Because 18-wheeler trucks must follow certain safety regulations, there are a different set of laws revolving about 18-Wheeler Accident Cases. Serious trucking accidents can cause If you have been involved in a trucking accident, it is best that you contact one of the leading law firms, Wimberly Law Firm, where 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer will assist you in getting any and all damages you might possibly receive. Trucking accidents might come with significant costs for the victim. Call (985) 200-8466 now for a free consultation.

What Are Common Causes Of 18-Wheeler Accidents?

Trucking accidents might cause a variety of severe injuries to their victims. Some of those injuries could include broken bones, spinal injuries, head injuries, and severe burns. Some common causes of 18-Wheeler Accidents include negligence and product liability.

In the case of negligence, the truck driver’s behavior might have caused or partially caused the accident. We, at Wimberly Law Firm, can investigate to find out if there was any negligent behavior causing the accident. Some examples of that are:

  1. Distracted driving
  2. Lack of knowledge of traffic laws
  3. Inexperienced driver
  4. Reckless driving
  5. Overloaded truck

If the 18-Wheeler driver is not found negligent, another possibility could be Product Liability. An experienced 18-Wheeler Truck Accident Attorney will investigate your case to find if the actual truck might be at fault in your accident. If the truck or a part of the truck caused the accident, your lawyer might be able to file a Product Liability claim in order to reach an 18-Wheeler Accident Settlement. In order to sufficiently prove negligence or product liability, it is best to maintain all records, photos, and conversations around the accident and going forward.

If you are located in Mandeville, LA, and have suffered as a result of an 18-Wheeler Accident, please contact a Truck Injury Lawyer at Wimberly Law Firm as soon as possible. Call (985) 200-8466 for a free consultation.

Wrongful Death

Did you lose a loved one in a Fatal Truck Accident? You and your family might be owed damages in a Wrongful Death claim. In order to prove Wrongful Death, an experienced 18-Wheeler lawyer will need to show the accident was caused either by negligence, product liability, or both.

To find out if you might have a Wrongful Death claim, call Wimberly Law Firm at (985) 200-8466, if you are located in or around Mandeville, LA.

What Damages Will I Recover In An 18-Wheeler Accident Lawsuit?

Similar to Personal Injury lawsuits, the victim of an 18-Wheeler Accident can seek the following damages:

  • Loss of Earnings/Wages
  • Medical Costs
  • Loss of Earning Ability
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Mental Distress
  • Loss of Consortium

Why Are 18-Wheeler Accidents So Different From Other Car Accident Involved Cases?

In most cases of 18-wheeler collisions, there is considerably more damage because mass times velocity equals impact. An 18-wheeler has more mass, and they’re usually going pretty fast. So when those two things coincide and hit something, there’s usually a considerable amount of damage. Read More

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