In most cases of 18-wheeler collisions, there is considerably more damage because mass times velocity equals impact. An 18-wheeler has more mass, and they’re usually going pretty fast. So when those two things coincide and hit something, there’s usually a considerable amount of damage.

Where Are These 18-Wheeler Accidents Happening On The Roadway In Louisiana? Are There Some Common Areas Or Reasons Or Causes That Lend Themselves To These?

Trucking accidents occur everywhere because most people see them on the interstate, of course, but every 18-wheeler on the interstate gets off somewhere to deliver their load. So frequently, the accidents occur on the interstate, state highways, even regular streets, and some 18-wheelers go on residential roads. Every product delivered to a grocery store, for instance, comes off the interstate onto a highway into that parking lot. So they’re everywhere.

What Are Some Of The More Common Causes Of These 18-Wheeler Accidents That You See In Louisiana?

18-wheelers can’t stop as fast as a passenger vehicle, which creates a problem because if they come over a hill and traffic stops, they’re not able to stop their vehicle in a similar amount of time that you can stop your vehicle.

I Was In An 18-Wheeler Accident In Louisiana, And I Believe It Was Caused By The Semi-Truck Driver’s Negligence. What Can I Do To Start The Recovery Process Financially For My Injuries?

The 18-wheeler will have to have mandatory insurance coverage in this state. So, as an injured person, if you have a cause of action against several defendants, you would have the cause of action against the driver themself who is insured. Then you have a fallback on the company that employs them, and in Louisiana, that employer is responsible for the employee’s negligent actions. So you have three potential defendants, and of course, generally, it comes down to the insurance company because most of these 18-wheelers are well insured.

I Was Severely Injured In An 18-Wheeler Accident And Was Not Able To Collect Any Evidence At The Scene. How Can I Get That Important Information That I’m Going To Need For My Semi-Truck Accident Case Days Or Weeks Later?

Ordinarily, if there’s a significant injury after an accident, an ambulance would arrive, which means the police would be there. In certain major injury cases, the police typically will make a detailed police report, which you can get from whatever investigating agency it is. It could be the county, the city, or the Louisiana State Police who did the investigation. It will have counties here, but that would be a county police department in Mississippi and other areas.

What Are Some Of The Struggles Or Challenges That Individuals Face Who Have Been Injured By 18-Wheelers In An Accident That An Attorney Such As Yourself Is Going To Take That Burden Off Of?

The first thing you need to find out is how the interlocking is set up, and you need to know who the truck was being hired by. Some of these trucks are leased, some are owned, some work for a company that delivers the goods, and some work for a rental agency, so all kinds of interlocking relationships can be in effect. Next, you must get to the appropriate parties to make sure you have the correct defendants. And you have to look for all the insurance coverages because there may be several layers, and there frequently are. For example, in a severe injury, there’s generally an umbrella on top of whatever policy’s covering the 18-wheeler.

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