Have You Struggled To Get Justice In An 18-Wheeler Accident?

Getting into an accident with an 18-wheeler or semi-truck can be one of the most devastating and painful types of road accidents. Your injuries may be considerable, and the emotional pain and suffering you’ve experienced deserve redress, as well.

For over 40 years, attorney Jesse Wimberly has represented clients just like you in Mandeville, Louisiana, seeking justice and redress after a semi-truck accident.

Struggling to get the right compensation, help, and legal representation after an 18-wheeler accident can be a battle in itself. You deserve a competent, compassionate attorney who can win the awards you deserve while reviewing key evidence and finding helpful information others have missed.

Superior Representation And Superior Awards

18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer, Mandeville, LA

Attorney Jesse Wimberly belongs to an elite class of attorneys who have won many of their clients a million dollars or more in damages, even in cases other lawyers have neglected or turned away. If you’ve been injured in an 18-wheeler accident, allow a seasoned legal veteran with a track record of success to review your case.

Evidence in 18-wheeler cases can be easily overlooked or mishandled. The site of a roadside accident can be complex, and many trucking companies are unwilling to admit fault; the general practice is to blame the 4-wheeler. Get an 18-wheeler accident lawyer with the patience, skill, and attention to detail you need.

What Kind Of Evidence Factors Into An 18-Wheeler Accident?

Accidents with semi trucks are much more complex than accidents involving fellow cars, pickup trucks, or SUVs. These are massive commercial vehicles with a poor stopping range. What’s more, the driver of the 18-wheeler may have been distracted, tired, or inattentive, and their professional incentive to shift blame to you is high.

What kind of evidence should a good lawyer consider? In an 18-wheeler accident, evidence such as black box information from the commercial 18-wheeler, dash cam video evidence, side camera video evidence, and digital log books need to be carefully reviewed and considered.

Determining fault can be nuanced and complex; fault may lie with the 18-wheeler’s driver, with the transportation company, or with the manufacturer of the 18-wheeler and its equipment. Sifting through this data to get to the truth takes time, patience, and determination. Your best legal option, in this case, will come from a law firm practiced in retrieving and examining this information with your injuries and dignity in mind.

Attorney Jesse Wimberly has decades of experience combing through the most minute of data and discovering factors other attorneys have missed or that insurance companies overlooked. Don’t allow your case to be neglected, and don’t settle for less than you’re fully entitled to.

The Wimberly Law Firm : Fighting For Hurting Motorists

18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer, Mandeville, LA

18-wheeler accidents deserve special attention, representation, and legal consideration. Damages to your personal vehicle are often devastating and generally result in a total loss. Even more significant, injuries to yourself and any passengers in your vehicle can be catastrophic.

The emotional and psychological toll of an 18-wheeler accident needs to be considered, as well. A seasoned 18-wheeler accident claims attorney will understand how to get you the appropriate compensation for the physical, emotional, economic, and psychological damage that you’ve suffered.

Jesse Wimberly will work closely and vigorously with insurance companies to make sure that your case receives the attention, respect, and precise handling that your pain warrants. Don’t allow transportation companies to shrug off responsibility onto you, the injured motorist. Let Jesse Wimberly review your case and re-examine evidence others have missed.

Your 18-Wheeler Accident Deserves Superior Representation : Call The Wimberly Law Firm Today!

If you’re facing injuries and distress from an 18-wheeler accident in Mandeville, Louisiana, you need precise and superior legal care. Jesse Wimberly has represented clients just like you for over 40 years, winning considerable damages.

Allow a careful, compassionate, and successful law firm to hear your story and fight hard for the damages you deserve. Colling with an 18-wheeler at highway speeds can be a terrifying and devastating experience. Even at slower speeds, damages to your vehicle will be considerable, and injuries can be life-altering.

Don’t entrust your pain, concerns, or dignity to a lesser law firm. Reach out to The Wimberly Law Firm today at (985) 200-8466 and let Mandeville, Louisiana attorney Jesse Wimberly fight hard for the awards you’re truly entitled to.