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Truck accidents are particularly devastating events that often leave victims with serious injuries and even death. Not only are they generally more destructive accidents by nature, but they are also complicated in terms of obtaining compensation for injuries and other damages. Given that more than one party may be at-fault: the truck driver, the owner of the trucking company, or a manufacturer of a piece of equipment that played a role in the accident, these factors add increased complexity to truck accidents.

It is important to know that the evidence involved in a truck accident often has more to consider than that of a car accident. Electronic evidence such as black box recordings, camera footage from the truck, and digital logbooks are all things that must be examined and factored into the matter. With this in mind, witnesses who are familiar with this specific type of scene evidence and electronic data may be needed to testify in order to accurately identify the sequence of events.

An experienced truck accident lawyer understands how to prepare and pursue a claim against the parties who are at fault for your injuries, and recover the proper compensation for your case. What’s more, they also correspond with the insurance companies on your behalf so you can focus on recovering from the injuries you suffered in the accident.

Attorney Jesse Wimberly is a highly experienced truck accidents injury attorney that knows the appropriate way to approach these types of cases, and how to work with the insurance companies involved. Practicing for over 40 years as an 18 wheeler & large truck accident lawyer, he has brought countless cases to justice and awarded his clients with settlements they deserve in order to live a healthy life. With his thorough understanding of these matters and detailed casework, Attorney Jesse Wimberly will fight for your case with passion and dedication.

What A Commercial Truck Accident Lawyer In Mandeville, LA Can Do For You

Having the concise legal council that a big rigs accident attorney can offer is a crucial asset to your injury case. Not only do they understand the nature of these cases, but they offer valuable legal protection that is important for your personal autonomy and financial wellbeing. A skilled semi-truck accident attorney will offer succinct legal guidance about how to pursue your case, and what compensation you are owed for your injuries. Having this knowledge on your side is vital to the future of your medical and financial welfare, as well as the prompt resolution to your case.

What Are Some Common Causes Of Commercial Vehicle Accidents In Louisiana?

Given the amount of traffic around Louisiana, it is difficult for big rigs to stop. In addition to this, sometimes semi-drivers continue to drive even when they’re tired, which results in delayed reaction times and distracted drivers. All of these factors and more come into consideration for commercial vehicle accidents, and must be taken into account when your case is prepared.Read More

Why Choose Wimberly Law Firm For My Truck Accident Case?

Wimberly Law Firm has a proven track record of success in truck and auto accident cases. The legal protection of our clients demonstrates the immense dedication to our legal practice and the hard work it takes to successfully resolve cases of this nature. Attorney Jesse Wimberly has won numerous million and multi-million dollar settlements in his more than 40 years of practicing law, and his skill set continues to adapt and grow with each case. We understand what’s at stake for our clients, and we use our considerable experience and expertise to ensure their legal wellbeing and case resolution.

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