Truck accidents are particularly complicated in terms of obtaining compensation for injuries and other damages. More than one party may be at-fault: the truck driver; the owner of the trucking company; or a manufacturer of a piece of equipment that was faulty and played a role in the accident.

The evidence in a truck accident is a bit more complicated than that of a car accident. Electronic evidence such as black box recordings, camera footage from the truck, and digital logbooks. In addition, expert witnesses may be needed who can testify about the evidence at the scene and the electronic data to identify the sequence of events.

A truck accident attorney knows how to prepare and pursue a claim against the parties who are at fault for your accident and injuries. They handle the insurance companies on your behalf so you can focus on recovering from the injuries you suffered in a truck accident.

What Are Some Common Causes Of Commercial Vehicle Accidents In Louisiana?

There is a lot of traffic, for one thing. It’s difficult for those big rigs to stop, and sometimes the drivers continue to drive when they’re really tired. Other accidents are caused by distracted drivers. All of those factors come into consideration. Read More

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