Have You Been Injured Or Sickened On The Job?

Many men and women experience workplace injuries, accidents, or medical emergencies. This is especially true of labor-intensive jobs, factory jobs, and jobs working with dangerous chemicals or substances.

While many workers in Mandeville, Louisiana, find it straightforward to file a claim, receive worker’s compensation, and eventually return to work, other cases require more care, attention, and advocacy. If your employer is resistant to offering you workers’ compensation, you need a diligent and committed attorney to help navigate the process and represent your cause.

For over 40 years, attorney Jesse Wimberly has represented hard-working Louisinannes just like you. When employers or insurance companies won’t give you the compensation or recognition you deserve, reach out to The Wimberly Law Firm for seasoned, considerate, and focused legal help.

Diligent Legal Help When You Need It The Most

Workers' Compensation Lawyer, Mandeville, LA

While many workers' comp cases are simple and easily resolved, others require careful legal care and greater persistence. Your employer’s insurance may balk at compensating for an injury if you have pre-existing injuries or medical conditions.

Some insurance companies simply drag their feet and refuse to pay or delay paying for as long as possible. They may reason that you could eventually recover well enough to return to work before they have to write a check. In other cases, severe injuries could require a greater amount than an insurer wishes to pay.

But workers' compensation exists so that hard-working people can get temporary relief when they need it most. Attorney Jesse Wimberly has the skill, determination, and familiarity with law to hold close-fisted insurance companies to task.

Allow your case to get the tailored attention, respect, and representation it deserves. If you’re struggling to get workers’ compensation benefits in Mandeville, Louisiana, let Jesse Wimberly sit down with you and review the damages you may be entitled to.

What Kind Of Damages Might You Be Eligible For?

Workers' comp damages are meant to help you financially as you recover from a work-related injury or illness. These damages cover the practical and economic losses that you’ve amassed and can include

  • Medical bills
  • Bills for rehabilitation
  • Lost wages

Some workplace injuries may be so severe that you are unable to return to your previous career. In this case, you and your attorney can fight for…

  • Living expenses to be paid until you can find another job
  • Job training if your injury makes it impossible to continue in your previous field

To understand what you are truly entitled to, allow a seasoned and respected workers' comp attorney to study your concerns and address them fairly.

Jesse Wimberly, Fighting For Injured Workers

Workers' Compensation Lawyer, Mandeville, LA

Each case is different, and multiple factors should be considered when taking insurance companies to task. Factors such as age, your family’s economic needs, and the extent of your injury should be considered carefully.

Jesse Wimberly understands that pre-existing health concerns, injuries, or conditions don’t excuse an employer from paying workers' comp fairly and in a timely manner. And he knows how to go toe-to-toe with stubborn, stingy, and uncaring corporations.

If an employer or their insurance company denies your claim or stalls in hopes that you’ll return to work without financial help, let Jesse Wimberly represent you and your family’s needs clearly. He’s fought for hundreds of hard-working Louisiana citizens just like you; allow him to study your case and fight for your rights.

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If you’ve been injured or sickened on the job and need help recovering economic damages, reach out to The Wimberly Law Firm today. We’ve helped clients just like you get the fair and appropriate workers' comp they need to recover fully and return to work without financial worries.

Let a seasoned veteran with over 40 years of experience keeping insurance companies honest take your case. When an employer in Mandeville, Louisiana, drags their feet and won’t pay, attorney Jesse Wimberly can fight for the short-term and long-term compensation that your family needs.

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