The law is general negligence. There used to be a Free First Bite rule, but that is no longer the law in Louisiana. So if a dog attacks and bites you, the owner is responsible for the damages you sustained.

Am I Entitled To Compensation For A Dog Bite Injury In Louisiana?

You are entitled to compensation for a dog bite injury in Louisiana.

I Was Bitten By A Pet Owned By Someone I Know. Should I Just Work With Them To Recover For Expenses Incurred As A Result Of My Injuries Instead Of Hiring A Dog Bite Attorney?

If you were bitten by the animal of someone you know, you could certainly discuss it with them. However, dog bites are covered under homeowners’ insurance. So, unless your friend wants to pay out of their pocket, they should turn the claim over to their insurance carrier. Their insurance carrier will negotiate with you or your lawyer to come to a satisfactory resolution or a lawsuit to be compensated for the injuries.

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