The most common reason for a bicycle accident is a vehicle riding the bike lane when they’re not supposed to, which happens quite frequently. We don’t have many bike lanes near me, but they do have bike areas. And generally speaking, the accident occurs because somebody decides to occupy the bike lane with a vehicle.

What Are Some Severe Injuries That Bicyclists Sustain As A Result From Vehicles Who Maybe Struck Them Or Ran Them Off The Road In Louisiana?

Accidents can lead to many injuries, from a head injury, broken bones to minor scrapes and strains, but there is protection for the passenger when a vehicle hits another vehicle. When a vehicle hits a bicyclist or a motorcyclist, it’s the vehicle upon the body. So generally speaking, it’s a more severe injury.

If I Wasn’t Wearing My Helmet And Was Involved In A Bicycle Accident In Louisiana, Could That Potentially Hurt My Case Or Reduce Any Settlement I Might Be Looking At?

There’s no requirement in Louisiana as to where a helmet that I know of. So it certainly is a good idea, but I don’t think that there would be a jury instruction that would advise the jury to take it into consideration to diminish the damages because of not wearing a helmet.

A Driver Of The Vehicle That Hit Me While I Was Riding My Bicycle Is Uninsured, Do I Have Any Chance Of Recovering Financially For My Injuries?

If the driver that struck you is uninsured, you would have an opportunity to file a suit against the individual driving and may or may not have any assets. Usually, when someone is driving an uninsured vehicle with no assets, your uninsured motorist coverage would not cover that accident because you’re not using an insured vehicle. So you would be in a reasonably poor position under that scenario.

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