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Driving has become a standard part of our lives, from getting the car at sixteen years old to trading it for an expanding family, then downsizing again after retirement. Cars bring us great joy and are typically part of major phases in our lives.

When an auto accident happens, it’s devastating. Often, people take for granted that they drive freely to and from pretty much anywhere. However, in one small instant, that can all change. In the blink of an eye, you could go from spontaneous road trips simply because you have the time, to having to rely on other transportation services for the rest of your life.

For those lucky enough to walk away from auto accidents, a new fight begins when you want your life back. Wimberly Law Firm has fought for countless clients involved in auto accidents for the last 42 years. We have years of experience helping our clients navigate bringing lawsuits against those who have wronged them.

With sharp litigation skills and sympathy, our firm serves Mandeville, LA and the surrounding areas with hope and tenacity. We won’t give up on helping you get justice. As long as you're fighting, so will we.

I Have Car Insurance. Do I Need To File A Lawsuit?

Auto Accident Lawyer, Mandeville, LA

Car insurance is great because it protects you in case of an auto accident. Depending on the type of coverage you have, your policy could cover some repairs for your car. Some car insurance plans also cover you and your passengers for medical treatment up to a certain amount.

However, auto insurance doesn't typically cover the pain and suffering that may result from an auto accident. Amaxophobia (fear of being in a vehicle) can result after an especially traumatic car accident.

In this case, seeking medical treatment and being diagnosed with this condition would be an issue worth taking up in an auto accident litigation case. A persistent and deep-seated fear of being in a vehicle can majorly affect your daily life. If you routinely drive yourself to and from work or social gatherings, an auto accident can drastically reduce the scope of your life.

Wimberly Law Firm believes you deserve total compensation for this interference in your life. It is more than just your car being wrecked. You need an experienced auto accident attorney who can help you in your battle to return to a normal way of life.

I’ve Already Paid For Some Treatment After My Auto Accident. Can I Still Seek Damages?

Your auto insurance policy may cover some medical treatment after an auto accident. Further treatment could be covered by your health insurance. However, future medical treatment that may arise from complications or latent diagnoses by a medical professional after your auto accident may not be.

As with most personal injury cases in Mandeville, LA, the statute of limitations to pursue a lawsuit is one year from the date of the accident. Due to many medical treatments requiring a diagnosis by your doctor or specialist, Louisiana also operates under the “discovery rule.”

This rule adheres to the notion that for some injuries, one year from the date of the accident isn’t a reasonable enough amount of time for proper diagnosis. In this case, if your doctor discovered some other damages you’ve sustained stemming from your auto accident, and it is after the one-year statute of limitations date, your lawsuit could be permitted under the discovery rule.

It is best to speak with a knowledgeable auto accident attorney. Your attorney can assist you in determining the best course of action.

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Auto Accident Lawyer, Mandeville, LA

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Being involved in an auto accident can lead to intense feelings of anger and hopelessness. Wimberly Law Firm wants to assist you in getting the help that you need to recover. Your physical, emotional, and mental health all need special care and attention after a traumatic auto accident. Often, people don’t know where to turn or even how to file a lawsuit for damages.

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