Wondering who is responsible for your injuries after a dog bit? The Wimberly Law Firm can help you understand your options.

While dogs can be loving and obedient pets, they are not all man’s best friend. Some dogs can be aggressive and vicious. If not properly restrained, those dangerous dogs pose a threat of injury to others. However, dog owners can be protective of their pets. They may not always be willing to take responsibility for their dog’s aggressive behavior.

Dogs are animals that come with certain known risks, so it is not always clear cut whether the owner is responsible after a dog bite attack. If you are a dog bite victim, a dog bite injury lawyer can help you determine who is financially responsible for your injuries.

Attorney Jesse L. Wimberly III has been helping clients with legal matters in the Mandeville, LA area for more than 40 years. After receiving his law degree from Louisiana State University, he founded the Wimberly Law Firm in 1978. The law firm focuses on personal injury cases including dog bites lawsuits.

How Can The Wimberly Law Firm Help Me?

The Wimberly Law Firm knows that dealing with a dog bite attack can be a nightmare. It is almost always a frightening experience that can cause lasting emotional trauma. In addition, painful injuries may have been inflicted upon you, your pet, or someone you love.

Every case taken by the Wimberly Law Firm is handled by attorney Jesse Wimberly personally. With his decades of experience, he is familiar with the dog bite laws in Louisiana and the legal remedies available. He can walk you through the steps necessary to file a dog bit lawsuit. In addition, he will fight for you aggressively to recover the compensation you deserve.

Steps To Take After A Dog Bite Or Attack

Dog Bite Lawyer, Mandeville, LA

Knowing what to do after a dog bite or attack can help increase your likelihood of recovering compensation for your injuries or the damage to your property. Documenting the case is one of the most important things you can do. Below are some of the best ways to create a written record of the dog bite attack:

  • Seek Medical Care: Because your health is the number one priority, seeking medical care should be the first thing you do. This will also create a record of your injuries and the costs incurred.
  • Call The Police: The police will investigate the incident and collect evidence. The police will then file a report documenting their findings.
  • Call Animal Control: Animal control maintains records of animal attacks and can determine whether the dog has bitten someone else before. If the dog is loose, they will capture it. The dog will likely be quarantined for ten days to make sure it doesn’t have rabies.
  • Getting Estimates For Property Damage: If your property was damaged by a dog, it is helpful to get an estimate for the cost of repairs. This will assist in determining what you are owed and can be helpful in your dog bite case.
  • Collecting Witness Information: If anyone else was attacked or saw the dog bite, try to collect their names, and contact information. Witness statements can be useful evidence in dog bite injury cases.

After the incident is over and your injuries have been treated, contact a dog bite injury lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced dog bite lawyer will pick up where you left off and determine the next best steps.

The Wimberly Law Firm: Dedicated Dog Bite Lawyer In Mandeville, LA

Dog Bite Lawyer, Mandeville, LA

Considering hiring a dog bite lawyer? Attorney Jesse L. Wimberly III has the track record to earn your business.

In Louisiana, dog bite victims have a time limit of one year to file a personal injury lawsuit. Owners are automatically responsible for injuries caused by their dog in most circumstances. This is because Louisiana law calls for “strict liability.”

The Wimberly Law Firm has been serving the Mandeville, LA community for more than 40 years. During that time, the firm has helped recover verdicts and settlements exceeding a million dollars for many clients. Founding attorney Jesse L. Wimberly III fights passionately to recover the most he can for his clients and will do the same for you!

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