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It can be challenging to adjust to life after an accident. A personal injury impacts every facet of your current life and your future. You may no longer be able to participate in the hobbies you once enjoyed. Your workload may seem extra daunting while your body and mind try to adjust to the new strains of recovery.

In addition to the emotional toil a personal injury can cause, there are also high financial costs. There are medical bills and other damages that may be assessed to property. Filing insurance claims can add another layer of stress. Often, insurance companies aren’t very helpful and can draw out the recompensation process.

For more than 40 years, Wimberly Law Firm has served the residents of Mandeville, LA. With compassion and a keen eye for detail, Attorney Wimberly has helped countless clients recoup their losses in personal injury cases and regain a sense of normalcy. With our dedication and focus, we can help you seek justice.

We understand how difficult it is to fight for your rights. In pursuing a victory in a personal injury case, you may feel like you are in over your head. Taking on a personal injury case by yourself can be overwhelming. Wimberly Law Firm is ready to assess your case and develop a legal plan of action that is best for you.

What Is Personal Injury?

Personal Injury Lawyer, Mandeville, LA

Personal injury refers to damages sustained from an accident. Physical damages may be immediately noticeable, while emotional and mental injuries may take a while to surface. Several different types of cases can result in personal injury.

Some common accidents that can lead to personal injury are:

  • Slip and Fall accidents
  • Dog attacks
  • Car accidents
  • Workplace accidents

If you believe you have a personal injury case, the best action is to retain a lawyer. Many times, people don’t believe they have a strong personal injury case and write off their injuries as “not that bad.” Unfortunately, because of this way of thinking, many individuals miss out on compensation that is due to them and can ease their suffering.

You deserve justice in your personal injury case. You’ve sustained injuries that may have changed your life forever. For clients in Mandeville, LA, as long as you file your personal injury lawsuit within one year of the accident that caused the personal injury, your case can still be heard.

Always speak with an experienced personal injury attorney if you have questions. Your attorney can best assist you with filing your case and preparing for your trial.

Will I Receive Damages If My Medical Insurance Can Cover My Treatment Costs?

Being awarded damages in a personal injury case doesn’t mean that your insurance didn’t or can’t cover a claim you’ve filed. Court ordered compensation implies that the court attributed some fault of your accident to the offender.

Many people go through their medical providers when first seeking treatment for a personal injury case. This is standard procedure for people wanting to recover as soon as possible. However, suppose your health insurance refuses to cover services in your policy or drags out paying for a covered service or reimbursing you. In that case, you may have another case against your insurer.

Unfortunately, situations like this arise often enough that it is important to speak about with your personal injury attorney.

Wimberly Law Firm: Supporting Our Personal Injury Clients In Mandeville, LA

Personal Injury Lawyer, Mandeville, LA

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We’ve helped thousands of clients reach a solution to their personal injury cases. While it can be a challenging time, it is well worth it in the long run. Don’t treat your personal injury case as something you need to get over.

With patience and dedication, you will be able to prevail over these difficult times. As your preferred legal counsel, Wimberly Law Firm will diligently fight for your best interests.

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