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Types of Cases We Can Handle:

Auto Accidents
We know that injuries can happen in all kinds of ways. For this reason, we remain dynamic in the way that we handle personal injury claims. No matter whether a client comes to us after suffering from a debilitating accident or if they were victimized in a single or multi-vehicle pile-up, clients can rest assured knowing that we will serve as an advocate for their case. We know how high the stakes are in these situations and will fight for the maximum in compensation, and put all of our resources to work to help you financially during this difficult time.

Legal Malpractice 
Wimberly Law Firm has significant experience handling numerous types of Legal Malpractice from business and real estate transactions to botched personal injury cases.  Wimberly Law Firm has recovered millions of dollars for our clients who have been harmed by inadequate representation.  If you have been a victim of legal malpractice, call us today at 985-626-4419 to discuss your legal rights. 

Motorcycle Accidents 

In almost 90% of all motorcycle accidents there are injuries reported. The reality is, if you or a loved one are involved in a motorcycle accident, there will be injuries; and if so, you know firsthand the tremendous damages that can result. Wimberly Law Firm understands the unique challenges of motorcycle cases. In fact, both partners, Jesse Wimberly III and Jesse Wimberly IV, have been avid motorcycle enthusiasts for their entire lives, and have represented countless of motorcycle accident victims.

Offshore / Maritime Injury 
A main focus of our firm remains in helping clients who have suffered in offshore injury accidents. We are well-versed in all matters of maritime law and we are ready to help these injured seamen get the compensation that they deserve. We know that this is an occupation that is naturally dangerous, but it does not mean that injuries are something to be ignored. If an employer, ship operator, or other third party was negligent, if defective equipment was used, or if a seaman was otherwise wrongfully injured, they should not have to suffer in silence.  If you have been injured working offshore, call us at 985-6262-4419 as soon as possible to discuss your rights.

Truck Accidents 
Commercial big rigs are a common sight on Louisiana roadways and throughout the nation's highways. These trucks, while an integral part to ensuring that the economy continues to flow, are often the cause of some of the most devastating accidents. This can occur from a tired driver, a driver that is not properly trained to handle these large vehicles, and even employer negligence in maintaining the trucks in their fleet.  Wimberly Law Firm has recovered millions of dollar for victims injured by large trucks. 

Products Liability 
Defective products unfortunately find their way into the homes of thousands of Americans every year. No matter whether the product was defective in design or was improperly manufactured, if you have suffered an injury or if you have had a love one that has been victimized by such a product, it is in your best interests to get the involvement of a lawyer that you can trust to handle complex litigation of this nature.  Wimberly Law Firm has experience handling product liability cases from electrical boxes to zip lines.  

Insurance Claims 
If your home or business has suffered damage from a natural disaster, such as a hurricane or a tropical storm, then you likely have grounds to seek an insurance claim. While this may be seemingly simple, it can be deceiving and insurance companies may use deceptive tactics that can unfortunately leave you between a rock and a hard place. At our firm, we are here to help.

Criminal Law 
To prevail in the criminal justice system, Wimberly Law Firm draws on its in-depth knowledge of federal and state criminal laws in Louisiana. Successful defense requires full evaluation of the case and a knowledge of the local justice system.  Wimberly Law Firm  is a highly capable Louisiana criminal defense law firm in this respect.
Whether defending a client against misdemeanor DWI (driving while intoxicated case) charges, or felony drug crimes, the outcome of our efforts shapes the individual’s life.